“You are trying to liberate your body from pesticides, chemicals, and the effects of unsustainable farming.  Next, free your skin! We source edible ingredients for our products from local and organically certified farms and wild fields.”

— Wendy Louise Nog, Founder


A woman’s path to self fulfillment changes as her life transitions from childhood, sometimes to motherhood, to maturity, to caring for the elders, and finally to the elder sage. The Yummy Collection is about honoring and nourishing that epic voyage women have taken since before recorded time. May you see magic in every sunrise. Wendy





Beauty begins with nutrition

Message from our founder The most important things you can do for your skin and health are:  drink lots of water, exfoliate, remove toxins and allergens from your environment, and nourish your body on the outside and inside with foods that are packed with nature’s gifts!  My journey to self care after motherhood led me to inventing these incredible, aromatic scrubs, masks, cleansers, and delicious treats from nourishing foods.  I want to blur the line between what you put on your body and in your body.  Enjoy!


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