Body Armor

body armor

Body Armor

To protect against those who would do you harm

The Inspiration: I have several friends who recently have been dealing with adverasries who wish them harm, or worse, to separate them from their children. I have felt helpless to protect them, as each is far from me. I created this scrub with those loved ones in mind. Forbidden rice gives the scrub it’s black, fierce color. The texture is coarse, which when used pulls you into your body. The deep fragrance of clove and chocolate is grounding. The ingredients are infused with raw coconut oil which leaves behind a layer of moisturizing armor, a barrier between you and the adversary that you have to protect yourself and your loved ones from, face to face.

To add to the power of this scrub, for each batch we ask for a blessing from the Goddess Durga, a powerful hindu goddess with ten arms and the combined strength of all gods who dashes down dangerous demons.  To read more about Durga, see what “Exhotic India” has to say about her.



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