Brown Sugar – 4 oz

brown sugar

Brown Sugar

Savor a country kitchen

All Organic Ingredients: Cornmeal, for exfoliating, oatmeal for healing, and brown sugar for its glycolic acid. Re-usable magnetic tin, 100% recycled paper label.

The Inspiration: One of my favorite desserts from the old country is rhubarb crisp. After a long Minnesota winter, rhubarb was one of the first edible foods to pry its way out of the frozen ground. My mom would chop it up, mix in an egg or two, toss it into a cake pan, cover it with a crumble made of equal parts oatmeal, brown sugar and melted butter, and then bake it in our wood burning oven. The aroma of oatmeal, brown sugar and butter baking with anything is intoxicating in its promise of comfort, warmth, and that feeling one gets when someone who loves you bakes you something delicious. This was my first scrub, and I made it for my own use. The amazing way that my skin felt, and the wonderful aroma that enveloped me as I scrubbed away the day inspired me first give it to friends, and then to develop it as a product. The name Yummy Scrub seemed so fitting, as each of the scrubs is completely edible and also tastes good! My children are my taste testers. That old saying that you shouldn’t put anything on your body that you wouldn’t put in your body holds true with all Yummy Scrub products.



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Instructions for use:  while in the shower, pour a teaspoon onto your wet palm.  Rub palms together to spread the scrub onto both hands.  Gently massage face in circular motion, moving down your neck and the rest of your body.  Rinse well.

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