Little Bear – 4 oz

little bear

Little Bear Soft Rub

Mama’s night-time tea

All Organic Ingredients: Oatmeal, milk, honey, fennel, chamomile – for children. Massages skin and then dissolves into bath water.

The Inspiration: Someone once asked me why I think there aren’t more stories written about the love parents have for their children. The answer I offered is that there truly are no words, at least in the English language, that can even come close to the feeling that I have when I am holding one of my children in my arms. There is, however, a smell, and I believe that it is captured in the fragrance of honey, which is actually made to feed infant bees. Nothing smells so sweet and rich as a jar of dark raw honey. When you combine honey with milk, the warmth of fennel, and the gentleness of chamomile, pour some into your hands, add some warm water, and rub it into your child’s skin as they take their night time bath, it is truly intoxicating. This scrub will dissolve into the water and nourish them from the outside in as they soak off the day of adventures, and prepare for a restful night’s sleep.
Instructions for use: Pour a teaspoon onto your hand. Add enough water to make into a loose paste. Rub palms together to spread the scrub onto both hands. Gently massage onto your child’s skin. Child may also wish to do the scrub on their own. Allow the scrub to wash off into the bath.



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