Teeth rinsing oils

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It is hard to deny the benefits of rinsing your teeth with oils.  This method is thousands of years old.  We now know that oral health has a direct link to overall health.  You can improve the health of your teeth and gums by using safe, edible oils.  Unwanted bacteria and elements in your mouth attach to the oils and are released from the teeth, gums, and tongue.  Most people begin to see a dramatic whitening of the teeth after the first few uses.  We have selected a blend of oils that are healthy for your body.  Although sesame seed is said to be the most beneficial, after several trials, we decided that the lingering taste of sesamee throught the day was too unpleasant.  We have selected a milder sunflower oil, raw cocanut oils, and peppermint oils for this blend.
8 fl oz.

Instructions for use:

Your first stop after getting out of bed should be your teeth rinsing oils.  Sip or using a spoon place about a tablespoon of oils into your mouth.  Rinse for 20 minutes, and then spit the oils out directly into the kitchen sink or shower drain.  Rinse your mouth with hot water and then brush if desired.

Option:  Half way through the twenty minutes you can start with fresh oils.



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