A perfect cup of Chai

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Yummy Chai

A perfect cup of chai

Chai simply means tea. There are hundreds of varieties, and none taste so delicious as when you have waited patiently while your host brews up their family’s traditional blend. It takes up to 20 minutes to properly make chai. After years of tasting a wide variety of home-made chai with Indian friends, we tinkered around to find the perfect blend.  I wanted the first sip to fill you with warmth and happiness, and as it travels down your throat, the ginger and black pepper will invigorate and enliven you.  This blend is the ultimate comfort-food, and connects you with an ancient time, when spices were gold.  Speaking of gold, a richly golden honey from a local bee farm is best. You will need to have on hand fresh ginger, honey, and milk.

This pack will produce enough chai for two cups. One for you, and one for your companion so that you can share the experience of “A Perfect Cup of Chai”.

Chai Ingredients:
1 ½ cup water*
30 shaves of fresh ginger*
1 tablespoon good quality honey*
8 black pepper corns
8 green cardamom pods
½ stick cinnamon
4 star anise
½ cup milk*
¾ teaspoon orange pekoe black tea
(*not included)

Pour 1 ½ cup water into pan
Shave 30 strokes of ginger into water
Start 10 minute timer
Add 1 Tablespoon good honey
Crush cinnamon stick, pepper, cardamom, anise, add to water
Let simmer covered until timer goes off
Add ½ cup milk, bring to boil
Reduce heat, add tea, simmer for 1-4 minutes
Strain and serve




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