California – 4 oz

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A sunbaked hill gathering mist

All Organic Ingredients: Oatmeal for healing, brown rice for exfoliating, cane sugar for exfoliating and glycolic acid, sage, fennel, and bay leaf for their fragrance and healing properties.

The Inspiration: If you stand on a dry golden hill in Northern California looking out over gnarled oak trees that tumble down into a valley of giant redwoods and ancient creeks, the wind will carry to you the most incredible fragrance. It is a mixture of the sea air, the ancient mist that rises from the enormous redwoods, the sweet dusty tendrils of bay laurels that cling to creek beds, and the sage and wild fennel that crouches along the hillside, blazing up towards the enormous eucalyptus trees that stumble awkwardly along hillside ridges, catching fog as it begins to pour into the valley.


Instructions for use: while in the shower, pour a teaspoon onto your wet palm. Rub palms together to spread the scrub onto both hands. Gently massage face in circular motion, moving down your neck and the rest of your body. Rinse well.