Chocolate and Rose Luxurious Scrub


Ingredients:  organic brown rice, organic raw cacao powder, organic ground rose petals

Packaging:  2 fl oz glass bottle with cork

This incredible scrub is so intoxicating that we were surprised ourselves.  It has long been known that chocolate has within it certain elements that bring out passion and romance.  We use raw cacao, which has all of those ingredients intact, and the resulting experience is beyond compare.  We use brown rice for texture, and as you massage it onto your partner’s body at the same time that they massage this scrub onto yours, the aromas and sensations are transformational.  The cacao is warmed by the mist and hot water, and the roses are fragrant, the coarse grains keep you present in the moment, and you will connect in…many ways.  We hope that this scrub can create for you a memory that you can re-visit and remember the joy of the senses.



This bottle contains enough scrub for one or two uses.  We recommend using in the shower.  Pour a small quantity into the palm of your hand, add a bit of water, rub your hands together to mix the scrub with the water, and begin to gently massage into your partner’s  skin.   Rinse thoroughly.




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