Rose Milk – 4 oz


Rose Milk

An invitation to romance

All Organic Ingredients: Rice, milk, rose petals

The Inspiration: As a child on the prairie, the only roses I had ever seen were delicate wild roses that grew in Mrs. Summer’s garden. Romance was something that never extended beyond a daring “this is good gravy” comment at the dinner table. My grandmother had given me a bottle of rose scented perfume. I knew instinctively that applying fragrance to one’s body had some mysterious consequence. Occasionally I would open this bottle, smell the vapors and wonder. It was an aroma that hinted of something that at my young age could not comprehend or even imagine. When I smell a rose, I am taken back to that innocent time, a little girl smelling rose perfume, and I then fly forward in time through all of the love that I have found and lost, and wonder at the mystery of passion, how it finds us, overtakes us, and then sometimes leaves,with a promise to return…maybe. Over centuries the rose has given this promise. My Yummy Scrub collection would not be complete without a mixture one could use to prepare for the tantalizing promise of passion.
Instructions for use: while in the shower, pour a teaspoon onto your wet palm. Rub palms together to spread the scrub onto both hands. Gently massage face in circular motion, moving down your neck and the rest of your body. Rinse well.


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