Skin Cleansing Oils


What did you say?  Wash my face with oils?  Yes, that’s right folks!  The best way to clean your face and rid yourself of blemishes is to wash your face with plant oils.  Not processed or refined oils, but raw, cold pressed virgin oils.  How does that work, you ask?  It is a simple method used by painters for centuries:  oil dissolves oil.

The oil cleansing method summarized is that you gently massage the oils into your face.  Then you place a warm wash cloth over your face which opens your pores, and leave it on until the cloth cools.  Your pores will close again, releasing the oils and impurities.  Use the cloth to wipe your face.  Repeat if necessary.

All organic ingredients:  virgin olive oil, red palm oil ethically harvested, and castor oil.

2 fl oz. bottle


To learn more, visit “The Oil Cleansing Method” website.


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