Thyme To Heal


Thyme To Heal

Wise Earth Healing Mask

All Organic Ingredients: chickpea flour, French green clay, raw honey, milk, nettle leaf, green tea, calendula, peppermint leaf, thyme. Facial mask treatment.

2 fl oz.

The Inspiration: I have never been one to pamper myself beyond putting on a nice clean shirt. I feel strange just sitting and relaxing, and am not a good sick patient. When I decided to create a scrub with the power to heal, it was a whole new process. Rather than recreating a familiar place, I had to create a destination…a place in the future that I have to convince myself that I deserve. Part of my research into developing the Yummy brand products involved doing research to discover which ingredients were commonly available, edible, and also good for the skin as I want all of my scrubs to be readily made at home on your own. I realized that to be effective, the herbs need to sit on the skin for a while. I needed to create a mask. After experimenting with many different grains, I discovered that chickpea (garbanzo bean) flour made a nice paste, and smelled fresh as well. I have since learned that in India, chickpea flour is a commonly used ingredient for facial treatments. I added clay to absorb oils in the skin. The herbs were each chosen for their use in healing remedies for the skin. I was amazed at how much this mask changes your skin after just one use. Your skin will feel and look smooth, red splotches are reduced, and pores nearly disappear.

Instructions for use: Pour one or two teaspoons into a small bowl. Add several drops of water until you have the desired paste. Mix with spoon, then use back of spoon to spread it over your face, avoiding the eyes. Let dry for 15-20 minutes. Wash off with water, gently scrubbing as you rinse the scrub away.


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