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Zero waste personal care – delicious tooth powder.  Fish friendly, Bee kind, edible.

About Tooth Health & Tooth Powder

About 50 years ago, all teeth in the US and world were cleaned with a home remedy tooth powder, a powder sold in the drug store , or with sticks chewed on and used for scrubbing.  The tooth powder did not contain any of the chemicals that have been invented since that time, nor were they stored in plastic containers, because plastic had not yet been invented.   The addition of foaming chemicals and plastics to the teeth cleaning regimen has not reduced the occurrence of cavities, nor has the fluoridation of water.  In an analysis of WHO data, the fluoridation of water does not impact the rate of cavities.  However, an introduction of fluoride as an ingredient of toothpaste DOES correspond to a major decline in cavities worldwide, as much as 90%.   A cavity is formed when bacteria contained in plaque leaches the minerals out of tooth enamel, thereby weakening it.  Fluoride acts in three ways:  1. supporting the structure of enamel,   2.  blocks the ability of plaque from creating the acids that break down tooth enamel, and 3. promoting remineralization of enamel.

A natural way forward is to use a powerful natural alternative that replicates the impact of fluoride, and to ensure that you have adequate levels of Vitamin D in your body.  We have chosen Bentonite Clay, which remineralizes your teeth, and neem powder for its antibacterial properties.


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Yummy Scrub Tooth Care Set

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